Class N Exemptions Review

Our fully managed Exemptions Review provides Councils with an effective, cost-efficient and timely means of identifying and cancelling incorrect or fraudulently claimed exemptions

Datatank helps Councils confirm claimants’ entitlement to Council Tax Class N Exemption. Properties occupied solely by students, school or college leavers or non-British spouses of students may be eligible for an exemption. However, the exemption may not be applicable if one or more of the household occupants are not in full-time education.
Dependent on council location Class N Exemptions can account for more than one third of all Council Tax exemptions.
2% to 4% of all properties claiming the exemption
are not entitled to do so.
Over £870,000 of Council Tax revenues are lost to
Class N Exemption fraud
each year.
​​​​We handle all claimant contact, and provide telephone and online support to answer claimant questions.  We process all claimant returns and provide you with all the information needed to cancel or confirm the exemption.
So, whether you are minimising fraud, maximising revenues or demonstrating compliance and duty of care, Datatank’s fully managed Class N Exemption Review service offers value for money and a return on investment.
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