Our cloud-based Software-as-a-Service products provide feature-rich business solutions
at cost effective prices
Licensed on a per-user, per-month subscription basis, the licence cost includes everything you need to get you up and running in days (not weeks) including on-boarding and configuration, data storage and backup, disaster recovery, on-going support and maintenance and free upgrades to the latest version.

Case Management

CONNECT is a cloud-based data warehouse that provides a simple, yet powerful data analytics and data reporting solution for local and central government.
There are 2 versions of Connect – Connect Local and Connect Global. 

Connect Local supports upload and analytics of Council Tax and Benefits data sets for rapid analysis and management reporting. 

Connect Global combines local data sets and amalgamates them to provide a centralised regional or national data repository that can be used to assess the impact of current and future Council Tax and Benefits policy decisions.
Connect supports historic data storage to support analysis of changes in the sociological and demographic characteristics of a population.

Opus is a powerful case management that can be used ‘out-of-the-box’ or configured to suit your way of working.

Opus supports any type of case including Corporate Fraud, Council Tax & Housing Benefits fraud, Anti-Social Behaviour, Complaints and Compliance cases, and can be used to manage the entire case life-cycle from initial referral, to investigation, and on to prosecution and case closure.

Opus is designed to be used by government agencies, local authorities, law enforcement, and regulatory and investigative bodies to share knowledge, collaborate on cases, and conduct complex investigations. Opus provides safe and secure data storage and controlled user access to all features and stored documentation.

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Use Datatank’s FERIS Checker to analyse your Single Housing Benefits Extract (SHBE) files to identify and reduce benefit entitlements fraud and error.
Simply upload your SHBE file via our secure data transfer website and FERIS Checker will do the rest, assessing your housing benefits claims against DWP Good Practise Guidelines for fraud and error interventions, and reporting back on any risks and anomalies found.
We can also contact claimants at risk on your behalf to confirm their current circumstance and to identify all undeclared changes in circumstances.  If required;
  • we have the expertise to re-calculate the identified cases to assess both the impact of the notified changes and determine whether a customers’ benefit claim is in error.

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