Council Tax Reduction Review
Our managed CTR review verifies the household composition of properties claiming
a reduction and/or housing benefit identifying where there is fraud and error.
We know it's a challenging and resource intensive process to review and identify fraud and error from within your council tax reduction and housing benefit caseload, so we're on hand to make things run smoothly where your CTR review is concerned.

Establishing a strategy to suit your working processes, targets and resource

We understand that every council has different targets, staff resource and budget restrictions, therefore we will build a managed service around your specific requirements. Our managed service includes:

  • Data screening, analysis and matching
  • Handle all claimant contact and support
  • Re-assessment and processing of claims
  • Real-time project progress and reporting

Processing claims on your behalf
Once a claim has been identified as fraud or error it is time extensive to re-assess and process each claim. We can process these claims on your behalf whilst recording all values of adjustments within our Profiler system so you have real-time access to view what has been completed and what is outstanding.

Identifying and reduce fraud
Where there is suspected fraud we will supply you with all supporting information for the case to progress. In addition to this if required we can investigate and prosecute on your behalf.

Why Datatank?

  • Costs agreed up front and spread over the review period. No hidden fees
  • Rolling review to hit quarterly targets
  • Access to Profiler for duration of review to view real-time progress and results
  • Processing of overpayments done by employees who have years of hands-on experience
  • Processing of claims or changes from the review done by employees who are current practitioners and are all IRRV technician trained
  • Generates additional council tax revenues and increased subsidy for Housing Benefit
  • Reduce your review costs and free up staff time.
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