A comprehensive list of available

Discounts & Exemptions

  • Long-term Empty Homes Review
  • Empty Homes Review
  • NFI Caseload
  • Vacated Property pre-screening
  • Disregards
  • Email & Phone data cature
  • Electoral role
  • Class A - Structural Repairs
  • Class C - Unfurnished dwellings
  • Class D - Sole occupant detained
  • Class E - Permanently in hospital/care
  • Class I - Living elsewhere to receive care
  • Class J - Living elsewhere to provide care
  • Class N - Occupied by qualifying students
  • Class Q - A trustee in bankruptcy
  • Class U - Occupants are SMI
  • Student Disregard
  • Probate
  • Disable Band Reduction

Datatank can provide a full household composition review when your authority opts for a continuous monitoring period of typically 12, 24 or 36 months. We are able to consider numerous different discounts & exemptions from our service list and incorporate them into a comprehensive review programme.

Continuous monitoring holds many advantages over a bulk review such as:

  • Removal of processing bottlenecks, flattened workload management
  • Added value for money
  • Additional revenue generation



A Typical

Continuous Montoring Schedule

Datatank Continuous Monitoring Review

Once your project has been agreed, our team will create you a data schedule outlining the optimum dates/time to commence different discount reviews to maximise effectiveness. From there on, we will undertake the reviews as soon as your data is securely received.