Class F Exemption

Probate Review

Datatank’s Probate Review service identifies properties in receipt of a Class F exemption, where probate has been granted and/or the property is now occupied.

We use a combination of Credit Bureau, Land Registry and Probate Granted data checks to determine if the property is occupied without being sold, is sold and empty, or sold and now occupied.

The review can be completed within 10 days and can generate upwards of a hundred thousand pounds.



Service Overview

Datatank’s Probate Review service provides Local Authorities with a solution to identify properties in receipt of a Class F Exemption, where probate has been granted and will be liable for taxation.

We undertake two variations of the Probate Review:

Full Review

We will contact the properties by post to verify the status of probate first hand via a review form, or an online declaration form.

This review includes access to our Datatank Profiler contact management system to keep you up to date with the progress of the review in real time.

Datatank will create and issue all correspondence, as well as managing and profiling all inbound correspondence for your ease. This can be completed in 21 working days.

Data Only

We will conduct the review in house using Land Registry Checks, Credit Bureau Information and Public Probate checks to provide an accurate report of changes in circumstance. This can be completed within 10 working days.

Following the Probate Review, Datatank will provide a report which identifies which properties are now liable for council tax, as well as which properties will become liable for tax within a 6-month period of the reviews completion to ensure your records remain up to date. Reviews can be completed in bulk or split into easily manageable batches which run over a course of months.

Benefits of Probate Review:

  • Housekeeping of council tax records
  • Additional revenue for generated for Local Authority
  • Seamless review process with minimal impact on council resources
  • Assists in prompting recirculation of Empty Properties within the Local Authority

*Grant of Confirmation review for Scottish Authorities available as above.

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