Single Person Discount Review
Datatank’s Single Person Discount Review service provides councils with an effective, cost-efficient and timely means
of identifying and cancelling incorrect or fraudulent Council Tax Single Person Discount claims.​​​

Imagine what a difference another 1.5% in Council Tax revenues could make to your Council at a time when public sector budgets are being cut.  Undertaking a Datatank SPD Review can generate tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of pounds of additional revenue for a Council within 12 weeks.
Datatank can manage the entire review process for you, including handling all claimant correspondence, updating your Revenues systems and issuing council tax bills on your behalf, at no extra expense.   You just need to upload your SPD data using our secure data transfer gateway, and we do the rest, freeing your staff to work on other back and front office operations.
We will work with you to develop an effective SPD Review strategy that guarantees to reduce the number of fraudulent claims, and maximises Council Tax revenues whilst minimising the cost of conducting an SPD Review.

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